Friday, May 14, 2010

"Oh, They're so cute! Are they twins?"

I just have to laugh. For 7 years I've been asked this funny question. Why do people ask this? My girls are identical twins. When they were tiny infants in a double stroller with matching outfits, I was asked if they were twins. When they were 3 and wanted their hair cut the same I heard, "Are they twins?" Last week, we were shopping and the cashier asked this. Now really, they are the same height, have the same color hair, and their FRIENDS have a hard time telling them apart. "Are they twins?" I just nod and smile. Yes, they are twins.

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Stacey said...

Hahaha! I get asked this ALL the time. My situation is a little different, because Carter is actually quite a bit bigger than Cameron, and they have neither the same hair color nor the same eye color, but they definitely look enough alike that they are related -- and the size difference isn't such that it would be mathematically possible for me to have had them back-to-back. I do the same thing -- just smile and nod. For me the "are they identical" question is equally as amusing -- due to the difference I just referenced. I have a friend who has boy-girl twins, and she says she is frequently asked whether they are identical. I told her I would have said, "Well, considering he has a penis & she has a vagina -- NO. They are not identical. :)