Friday, June 25, 2010

Full Hands, Full Day

Not until July will we experience the bliss of sleeping in and going with the unscheduled flow of a real summer break. June this year brings reading camp, band camp, gymnastics camp, and art camp. I'm so grateful that the girls get the opportunity to go to fun and enriching activities, but the experience is really taking it's toll on my energy level. Here's a breakdown of my day:
6:30 up, dressed, cat boxes cleaned, trash and recycling gathered and put to the curb
6:50 lunch boxes packed
7:00 get the girls up and going
breakfasts made and eaten, preliminary kitchen detail
8:00 out the door
8:20 eldest to band camp
8:30 next to reading camp
9:00 twins to gymnastics camp
9:15 home, clean, laundry, bills paid, check e-mails, facebook
10:30 leave to pick up from reading camp
11:00 pick up
quick run to the health food store
11:45 pick up from band camp
home, make and eat lunch, chores
1:30 take child to art camp
home, rest, blog, chores
3:45 leave to pick up twins
home briefly
4:35 leave to pick up art camper
5:20 home, make dinner, eat, clean up
It's all worth it though, when I hear my daughter play her clarinet better than ever, the twins are tired from their fun-filled day, I see and display new 9 year old artistic creations, and know that great gains are being made in reading.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

One on One Time

With a busy schedule and a house full of children, it can be a real challenge to spend one on one time with each child. However tricky the logistics may seem, when the effort is made, it is so rewarding. Last night, just one daughter wanted to swim and was very pleased to have 100% of my attention. (And 100% of the pool!) She felt so special and happy, and it made me remember that having time with a parent, not sharing the spotlight, is a wonderful thing.