Friday, November 2, 2007

Tennis Really is The Sport of a Lifetime

The girls and I went to dinner with my Dad last night. He made dinner for us and we hung out with him, ate, and talked over a glass of wine. Maya was being so trying because she has a new word du jour - "pitiful"- and was using it all she could. I asked her to please refrain from saying it, until she said "George Bush is pitiful." That, actually, made me laugh, so she enjoyed repeating it.

Dad and I talked about how tennis and golf are wonderful sports to learn because even if you aren't great at them, they can be played into your elderly years. Mom is 73 and she plays golf 3-4 times a week. Dad is 70 and he plays golf and tennis. Tennis allowed me to attend college on scholarship, and gives me the opportunity to get exercise and a precious bit of adult social time. The girls enjoy lessons, and I like to imagine them playing doubles when they are older.

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